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Let's talk about the children

You may not know that there is a fostering crisis on your doorstep.

Over the last few years we have seen a large increase in the number of children coming into care and this has been coupled with a sharp decline in the number of people putting themselves forward for fostering.

At EFS, we have done a lot of work to try and demystify fostering and to clarify some of the misconceptions around fostering. Having answered some of the most commonly asked questions about fostering, our current campaign, “Let’s talk about the children” looks at some of the reasons children come into care and shares some of the experiences, successes and challenges that our carers have faced.

If you are interested in fostering, we’d like to invite you to one of our coffee morning information events, which we hold in Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Ipswich - January 18th, 11am until 2pm at the Ipswich Town Hall and Corn Exchange

Colchester - February 1st, 11am until 2pm at First Site

These events are an opportunity to learn more about fostering and to talk to the team to understand whether fostering could be right for you and your family. You’ll get to meet some of our carers so that you can get a rounded view of fostering.

We encourage everyone to come along and to invite friends and family too. As you will see from our Facebook videos, fostering can make an important difference in the life of a child and is rewarding for carers as a result.

To register your interest and to find out more, please visit campaign.easternfosteringservices.com/coffee

To follow us on Facebook, visit www.facebook.com/EasternFosteringServices

We look forward to seeing you!



Blog Corner

The interview

The day, when it arrives is cold and wet, unremarkable in many ways for January. But this day is remarkable because it’s the day that’s been looming over us for six months. It’s the day of our foster son’s substantive interview at the Home Office. The basis for asylum being granted or denied.

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Dealing with communication & silence - Eastern Fostering Services


There are all sorts of behaviours that foster carers have to deal as they care for children. These range from swearing to bedwetting, smearing to sexualised behaviour, destroying everything in sight to screaming and shouting the house down. A carer dealing with behaviours like these could easily be forgiven for wanting a little peace and quiet.

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The Home Office Screening Interview - Eastern Fostering Services

The Big Screen

I’m misleading you a little this week because I’m not going to be blogging about the cinema. Though what I’m attempting to describe was at times as surreal to me as something you might glimpse on the big screen. This week’s blog is about the Home Office screening interview that all children seeking asylum in the UK need to attend.

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