What do our carers have to say?

We know that our carers are happy with us and the service we provide. How? Because they tell us!

About our team:

Being a carer at EFS is like being part of a family. I always feel they listen and are there for me.

If I’m struggling with a situation, EFS are always there to help me think more creatively.

There are so many professionals involved that it’s a great relief to have a familiar and trusted EFS face round the table supporting us.

I thought I wanted to foster young children but I changed my mind and EFS were great, supported me and respected my change of heart. I now look after teens and I would have it no other way!

Thank you for making me feel appreciated and a true member of the team.

About the process of becoming a carer:

Our assessor was polite and reliable. She put us at ease straight away . She was very knowledgeable about the process and we felt well prepared when we went to Panel

The Panel were very friendly. The experience was far less daunting than we expected

About our training:

The relaxed atmosphere, course content, values, experiences of others on the course made it more informative and thought provoking

Good discussion and engagement by all participants.

Very interesting and well presented.....a lovely relaxed atmosphere as always