Proud To Foster Campaign
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#ProudToFoster – Paul

I’m Paul. My wife and I are from Suffolk and have been fostering now for 3 years. Before fostering I worked in the Caring sector, caring for elderly people and young people with learning disabilities. I am now a retired grandfather. My wife contuinues to work part-time as a counsellor and whilst we share the … Continue reading #ProudToFoster – Paul

#ProudToFoster – Tracey

Hi, I’m Tracey. I’m from Suffolk. I’m a single mother to 3 adult sons and I’ve been fostering for 2 years. Fostering was something I always wanted to do. I’d worked with troubled teens for most of my career and recognised that a warm, nurturing home could really have an impact on the lives of … Continue reading #ProudToFoster – Tracey

#ProudToFoster – Beth, Mel, Mitch

We’re Beth, Mel and Mitch. Last year our Mum and Dad became foster carers. It’s something all of us support 100% and we’ve been part of the whole process, from application through to taking in our first child earlier this year. We’ve been really included in the fostering process, we’ve been to training, we’ve attended … Continue reading #ProudToFoster – Beth, Mel, Mitch

#ProudToFoster – Julie

I’m Julie. I’m mum to Mel, Beth and Mitch and foster with my husband Martin in Essex. Before fostering, and in addition to bringing up our children, I worked in the caring profession. I think fostering was a natural choice for me. I’ve brought my own kids up and they’re mostly independent. We’ve now got … Continue reading #ProudToFoster – Julie

#ProudToFoster – Tracy

Hi, I’m Tracy. I’m from Suffolk. I’m a single parent of 2 (now adult) girls. I began fostering in 2012, when my daughters were in their 20s. I’d always wanted to foster and had worked as a childminder and nanny so I knew it was something I had relevant skills and experience for. Once my … Continue reading #ProudToFoster – Tracy

#ProudtoFoster – Lai

I’m Lai. I’m a mother of 2 teens and together with my husband have been fostering for 2 years. Before we began fostering, we had been a host family for International students with the Essex Local Authority. We really enjoyed this but we wanted to make a difference to some of the more vulnerable children … Continue reading #ProudtoFoster – Lai

#ProudToFoster – Jim

I’m Jim. I’m currently finishing my PhD in plant science and I’ve been fostering for 2 years along with my wife and two young sons. A few years back, I’d been commuting from Essex to the City for 10 years. But it wasn’t really doing it for me. I wanted to do something more meaningful. … Continue reading #ProudToFoster – Jim