Fostering Resources & Information

Training and ‘on-the-job’ experience will help you to become a really effective foster carer, but broadening your knowledge through wider reading can only enrich your fostering experience. Our Frequently Asked Questions will help answer some of your more practical questions, but the reading list we have put together below will help you think about some of the underlying considerations and challenges, giving you a good grounding in how to make a real difference in a child’s life.

Fostering (available through Amazon)

Could You Be My Parent?
Written by Leonie Sturge-Moore Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781903699829 Search on Amazon
Foster a Child: A Guide for People Interested in Fostering
Written to Henrietta Bond Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781903699249 Search on Amazon
Fostering: What It Is and What It Means
Written by Shaila Shah Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781903699508 Search on Amazon
Being a Foster Family
Written by Hedi Argent Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781907585401 Search on Amazon
If You Don’t Stick With Me, Who Will?
Written by Henrietta Bond Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781903699683 Search on Amazon
A Child’s Journey Through Placement
Written by Vera Fahlberg Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781873868133 Search on Amazon
The Banana Kid
Written by Valerie Mason-John Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781905664375 Search on Amazon
Recipes for Fostering
Written by Andrea Warman Published by BAAF – ISBN 978190566463X Search on Amazon
Attachment, Trauma and Resilience
Written by Kate Cairns Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781903699102 Search on Amazon
Providing a Secure Base in Long Term Foster Care
Written by Mary Beek and Gillian Schofield Published by BAAF – ISBN 9781903699409 Search on Amazon
Adopting or Fostering a Sexually Abused Child
Written by Catherine Macaskill Published by BAAF – ISBN 9780713467604 Search on Amazon