What we do

Eastern Fostering Services was set up in 2011 by Eleanor Vanner and Tony Jones. They had a vision for a service that put the children and carers first. So they brought together a team of like-minded folk to provide foster homes for children in Essex and Suffolk.

Eleanor and Tony really used their experiences of working in large organisations in both the private and public sector to think about how they wanted EFS to be different. They deliberately set out to create a non-hierarchical, passionate team who fully supports the children and carers.

We’re now an approved Fostering Care Provider for Suffolk and Essex County Councils and an “Approved London Contractor” with the London Boroughs.

We don’t have a big, posh office; in fact our office is a disused chicken coop! But we believe that our priority should be on the delivery of care and so we’re able to offer our carers fees ranging from £300-£500 per week. We think this goes some way to acknowledging the fantastic job carers do.

We’re also able to provide direct therapeutic work with the children and a high level of support to our carers, above and beyond the norm.

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Who are we looking for?

Our children need foster carers who nurture them, who support them, who accept them for who they are yet care enough to help them overcome problems that might otherwise hold them back. These children need to see patience, love and committment in action. They need people from all walks of life, with a whole range of life experiences. As we’ve said before, a sense of humour also helps!

To find out more see our FAQs or give us a call on 01206 299775.