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One of our carers, Tracy, talks to Lorraine about fostering teens…

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Fostering hope in Local Children – Ipswich and The Deben Valley Lifestyle Magazine June 2015 – Click here to read more

This article in the Guardian of June 2016 highlights some of the challenges and rewards for our unaccompanied asylum seeking children and their carers.

Episode: One (Cameron)
Subject: Cameron shows us fostering through the eyes of the child.
Host: Lucy Stevens

Episode: Two (Sandy)
Subject: Sandy talks to us about fostering teens.
Host: Lucy Stevens

Episode: Three (Tricia)
Subject: Tricia explains the impact of multiple moves on children in foster care.
Host: Lucy Stevens

Episode: Four (Eleanor)
Subject: Eleanor introduces the subject of unaccompanied asylum seeking children coming into foster care.
Host: Lucy Stevens

Episode: Five (Faye)
Subject: Faye shares the reality of fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children.
Host: Lucy Stevens

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