Let’s get things straight about becoming a carer – Eastern Fostering Services

We know that there are a whole host of things that could be stopping you from making that commitment to fostering. But you may be surprised by what we’ve got to say on the subject.

You say, “I don’t fit the mould! I’m just not your typical foster carer!”
We say, “Good! Our children come in all shapes and sizes have all kinds of needs. That means that we’ve got to have carers who are all different too. Top of our list is that you need to be someone who cares. Secondly, common sense is a must. And lastly, we need to know you’ll stick with it once you’ve committed. A sense of humour really helps too!”

You say, “I don’t own my own house.”
We say, “It doesn’t matter! As long as you have a secure tenancy on your property, we’re happy. We’re interested in the home not the bricks and mortar.”

You say, “I’m single and that will count against me!”
We say, “No! One third of EFS carers are single and we value them massively. We care about who you are as a person not what label we can give you. Often single carers offer a fresh perspective on a child and this is what we think is most important.”

You say, “I’m too old” or “I’m too young.”
We say, “What’s in a number? You can bring something unique however old or young you are, so we want you all! As long as you’re at least 21, are in good health and can relate well to children, we’re not going to worry about your age.”

You say, “My life’s been no picnic. I’m just not perfect enough.”
We say, “Who is! We want people from all walks of life, with a whole range of life experiences and who can use these to support a child or young person.We’ve seen amazing success stories in situations where a carer’s past experiences have really spoken straight to the child and where as a result the child has felt understood and supported.”

You say, “I’d have to give up my job and I don’t want to do that!”
We say, “Not true! You do need to be free for children’s meetings and carer training but we can help you work all that out.”

You say, “I don’t think just any child would fit into my home. I’d want to have a say in who I care for.”
We say, “We agree. We spend a lot of time making sure that we put the right children with the right carers and vice versa. We want stability for these children after all. You can tell us what age, what gender, what specific needs etc. you do or don’t want to consider. It’s worth you knowing though, that your views might change as you go through the training. That’s fine. We’ll always respect your feelings.”

Not convinced?
Have a look at our FAQs or even better give us a call and we’ll answer your questions.