Becoming a foster carer

What does becoming a foster carer involve?

Do you live in Essex, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire? Do you want to become a foster carer? If so,  we at Eastern Fostering Services are really keen to talk to you. If you call us on 01206 299775 or email us at we will call you back and talk through your questions.

After we’ve visited you at home, we’ll leave you to complete a fostering application form. Once this has been accepted, we’ll assign you an assessor. This person will produce your assessment and take you through to panel.

The process of becoming a foster carer takes around 4 months. During this time, the assessor will produce a report that assesses your suitability to foster. We have assessors across Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. They will make several visits to your home (usually about 8 in total).

The fostering assessment or Form F is like the fabled, red “This is your life” book. We’ll ask you about your childhood, your adult life, your relationships. We will look at why you want to foster. We’ll highlight all of your strengths and talk to you about any vulnerabilities. In short, this report provides all the reasons that you will make a good foster carer.

Many people think that there is something in their past that will stop them becoming a foster carer. We believe that the challenges of life are the very things that give you many of the qualities we look for in a foster carer. We need foster carers who have weathered the ups and downs of life. There is very little that can stop you becoming a foster carer.

The fostering assessment is indepth. But it is not invasive.

We are not concerned with your marital status or sexuality. We need a variety of foster carers to care for the variety of children in need.

If you live in Essex, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire and you want to foster, get in touch. Becoming a foster carer might be easier than you think.