Becoming a foster carer – where do I start?

Take that first step..

Nationally, there is a real shortage of foster carers. The situation is no different in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire where Eastern Fostering Services are looking for families to foster. If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first, important step. So what now?

Do your research

There are lots of independent fostering agencies and Local Authorities with whom you can foster; therefore check where the most local providers are, visit their websites, read their FAQS, look their Facebook pages.

The Fostering Network is a good source of information.

Get talking

Our Foster carers say that what they love about us is the quality and quantity of support they get. Talk to the fostering providers that you’ve identified and get a feel for how well they will support you.

Ask to speak to other foster carers  – any good fostering provider should encourage you to do this.

Look out for Fostering Events in Essex, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire and make sure you get to ask all the questions you have. Our next event is at The Grafton Centre, Cambridge on 6th and 7th April.

Request a visit

Fostering agencies and providers will be happy to see you in your home. Arrange for a home visit from a couple of fostering providers. They may want to look round your house but they shouldn’t expect you to be pristine so please don’t worry about this! Whilst fostering agencies will be gathering information about you during this visit, don’t forget to get as much information from them too. You will work closely with fostering professionals so it is important that you like and trust them.

Make your choice

Decide on which fostering provider you’d like to foster with then call them and tell them you would like to apply. At this point the fostering agency or provider will be able to talk about how to apply to foster. We’ll also be covering this in our next blog!

If you live in Essex, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire and would like to foster, come to one of our Fostering Events, call us on 01206 299775 or email us at