Why Us

Why EFS? At EFS, we believe we have something special. We’re a small, close knit team and we really (really!) care about what we do. We suppose most foster agencies say that, so here are the things we do that show we’re different.

  • Someone you know at the end of the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week As part of the process of becoming a carer with EFS, you’ll get to know us all pretty well. Our carers find it very reassuring to know that someone they know and trust is at the end of the phone at all times if they need them.
  • A wealth of experience We’re proud to say that each member of our carer support team has a minimum of 23 years’ experience in relevant fields such as social work, child protection and working to support children and parents. Our carers tell us that they find that knowledge and wisdom to be vital.
  • We listen and act We know what it’s like to foster a child and that sometimes you need things to happen yesterday! We can’t work miracles but we do our best to respond to situations quickly. This means we’ll often make home visits at very short notice if that’s what our children and carers need us to do.
  • We work with the children We can provide direct and varied therapeutic work with the children to help them tackle specific problems they might have. This work is important to the child first and foremost but is also another way of supporting the carers indirectly.
  • We take the time to make sure each child is found the right home At EFS, we know how catastrophic it can be when children have to move to different families time and time again. We know that each time this happens, the child’s feelings of rejection and self-blame grow. We work hard to help these children not to make things worse for them! So we take our time, and because we know our carers so well, we’re able to make well-informed matches giving our children and families the best chance for success.
  • We support our carers As well as the regular contact our carers have with us through their EFS social worker, we offer loads of additional support. We hold a monthly clinic run by an experienced Psychotherapist which all carers can make use of. We’re also really proud of our little EFS community of carers and staff who meet regularly at Carer Support Groups or at our coffee mornings to share what’s going on, swap ideas on problem resolution, sometimes just to offload but always, always to have a good laugh!
  • We think outside the box to find ways to support our families We’re always thinking up new ways that we can support our families. We speak to you about your needs, scratch our heads and come up with new and fantatsic ways to help. Because we are small and passionate about what we do, we can be creative and responsive.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our carers had to say to Lorraine Kelly.